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For the moment this blog is only related to the website Later, when I find time, other (discussion) topics will appear.

First try

General Comments about the sitePosted by Robert Erenstein Sunday, December 03 2006 01:31:02

For this blog I do not have a specific goal in mind yet, so I'll keep it simple for the moment. Here, in this category, you can write general comments about the site or about the most important "topics" Lorena and Adrian...


Robert, his 2 girls and great young son smiley

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Posted by Robert Thursday, August 27 2009 10:21:13

Good question. We have to find Ducky again. Somehow he got lost between the toys and we need to ask Lorena is she knows where he is...

Posted by Hommie Thursday, August 27 2009 07:26:42

How do I join the "Ducky Fanclub" ?

Posted by Robert Thursday, August 06 2009 00:59:00

Hey Norbert. Still around, but for the moment the "boring" family man. That will slowly change again when the kids are getting bigger and need daddy to join the playing around and particularly doing the dangerous things and stuff...

Posted by Norbert Wednesday, August 05 2009 08:53:47

I never hear from you or see you anywhere. Where do you hang out these days?

Hope all is well with you, wishing you and fam all the best!


Posted by Robert Tuesday, April 29 2008 09:32:58

Dear Linda and Ed,

She is entertaining us on a daily basis. Sometimes we wish she would do less... ;-)


Posted by Ed Man & Linda Saturday, April 26 2008 04:27:35

WOW! I just looked at all that I have been is it possible that she is walking, talking and using the pottie! She was just born, and we all were a lot younger :-) She is looking more and more like you, Robert, although she does look like Patricia as well. I know she is the joy of your lives and I hope she continues to entertain you daily.

Take care, love to ALL

Ed-Man and Linda

Posted by Hommie Pommie Wednesday, March 19 2008 15:25:38

Hey man... still miss thos pictures of ducki, Skopje and stuff

Posted by Erik Thursday, January 03 2008 11:40:04

He Rob,

Allereerste de beste wensen voor dit nieuwe jaar en ik blijf jullie volgen via deze site.


Posted by wiet Friday, December 14 2007 13:16:28

You're a fine man Robert. no more s&D & R&R ?

Posted by Zeljka Tuesday, November 13 2007 02:46:33

Dear Robert & Patricia,

Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you've been doing with the site, Robert. Niall & I have been checking it regularly, admiring both Lorena's amazing progress and adventures, and your photos. We particularly loved the latest snow ones - very artistic, romantic, and cute - Lorena is adorable looking at the "white stuff" and wondering what to think and do about it. Her puzzled look and poses are irresistible! And then you've got your "3 princesses" under the umbrella - another great photo! Vienna must be adopting its wintry charm by now, and preparing for the wonderful Christmas markets...Ah, good old Europe....

We're looking forward to more winter photos. Till then, stay well, enjoy it, and have some nice Gluehwein for us. Lots of greetings from (still) warm Virginia, Zeljka & Niall

Posted by Hommie Pommie Monday, September 24 2007 12:42:26


I am still missing picture of myself with you in Skopje ! and an update of duckies adventures..


Posted by The Campbell Kids Sunday, August 19 2007 13:03:15

WOW!!! That is all I can say. I must admit I have not been on the website in a couple of months and things have certainly changed! Lorena is getting to be quite a little lady. This is a great venue to document Lorena's life, of course in a few years she will not allow BIG DADDY to follow her around with the camera documenting all her milestones, so enjoy!

Ed-Man says Hello to all as well.

Love, Linda & Ed-Man


Posted by Meint Monday, August 06 2007 17:28:30

Ha die Rob, toch leuk om te kijken hoe het met jullie gaat!

Groet, Meint +

Posted by The Campbell Kids Sunday, February 25 2007 04:10:25

Just took a peek at the newest pics...she is still adorable, even though she is looking more and more like her Daddy! Sorry Patricia, most girls resemble their fathers, and boys their mothers. Although I do believe that she is a composite of the two of you. She is really getting big and I cannot believe that she is already 9 months old. Time flies when you are a parent. Take care you three!

Love to all!

Linda & Ed

Posted by Robert Sunday, February 04 2007 12:15:01

I just realise that Ducky is a bit bored these days and we should take her out again...

Posted by Martina Friday, February 02 2007 05:49:35

Lorena is adorable. Love to you three from five of us.

PS. I also like the ducky's adventures...

Posted by Dr. G. Monday, January 01 2007 10:28:11

Congratulations on all your accomplishments in 2006. Cheers, Janet and Greg

Posted by Frank den Hollander Saturday, December 30 2006 15:47:28

Mooie site Robert!

Leuk om nu ook eens te zien wie er achter al die leuke mails zit...

Groeten, tot ziens

Posted by The Campbell Kids Sunday, December 24 2006 23:12:39

The pics from today are really cute, although how could they NOT be! She is adorable...maybe one day Patricia, Lorena and of course BIG DADDY will make it to Florida and spend some time on the beach. We would love to have you come for a visit.

Happy Holidays from one of your many American friends.

Posted by Tante Vonnie Sunday, December 03 2006 11:34:40

Hello Big Brother, "Auntie" Patricia and little niece Lorena!

It's an honour to be the first person to write to you in this blog! We love to follow Lorena's adventures on your site. I'm looking foreward to hold Lorena in my arms and I am very curious how Lorena and little Zoë will react on each other. Amber is also curious about little "Dorena". She talks about her all the time. Many kisses and lot's of love from "Oom" Jeroen, Tante "Vonnie", Amber & Zoë in Amsterdam.